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Discretionary Management

As financial markets continue to change rapidly, managing your investments has become an increasingly intricate and time-consuming process to handle in isolation. Discretionary Investment Management allows you to delegate the management of your portfolio to our Investment Managers who will make buy and sell decisions on your behalf, according to your financial objectives.

Across all traditional and alternative asset classes, our investment managers proficiently create tailored made portfolios, depending on your risk rating. The deVere Model Portfolio Service (MPS) includes four different risk targeted model portfolios, with the intention of maximising potential returns while remaining faithful to each individual clients attitude to risk. The MPS combines two different investment styles 1) Passive Style- provides exceptionally low cost exposure to a range of globally diversified asset classes 2) Active Style - which is a range of solutions in partnership with Pacific Asset Management and take an unbiased approach to investing, using both Passive and Active funds.


A range of risk targeted model portfolios to match clients' suitability requirements

This service offers a number of benefits:

  • Eliminates the burden of making day-to-day investment decisions.
  • Delegating the investing process to deVere Investment will allow the team to align the investment manager’s interest with yours, at a charge of 1% per annum of the assets under administration as a management fee.
  • Ensures access to better investment opportunities


Choose from 4 Discretionary Management strategies


If you wish to delegate entirely the responsibility of monitoring your portfolio closely to a trusted professional, Discretionary Management may be the right option for you.  Whatever your personal ambitions and preferences are, be it early retirement, financial stability or the desire to reach long term financial ambitions, a designated Portfolio Manager will take the time required to develop a deep understanding of your financial needs.


Legal Notice:
The Discretionary Investment Management service together with the fee charged would need to be agreed by your local Compliance Department in your country.