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Devere Investment Platform


What is it?

1.What is Devere Investment Platform App ‘diP’?

Devere Invesment Platform App is an execution-only investment app that allows client to purchase ETFs, mutual funds and structured notes wherever your location.

2.Is diP regulated?

diP is a service offered by deVere Investment which is the business name of deVere Investment Ltd, a Limited Company incorporated in Mauritius (Registration Number: C104761). deVere Investment Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission, with Investment Banking License number IK16000003.

3.How are my funds protected?

The investments are traded and held securely by global custodians in London with whom deVere has agreements in place and CDD measures undertaken.

My Portfolio

1.How do I register?

Client downloads App

Provides KYC information directly on the App

Compliance perform KYC within 48 hours

Client receive login access

Client can login, deposit funds and trade!

2.Why did my registration get denied?

if there is any outstanding/missing KYC documents/information, the registration gets denied.The client will receive an email either from his/her consultant or by the compliance department with the reasons.

3.How will I know which structured notes or funds best suit my investment strategy?

We advise clients fully understand any investment and the associated risks before deciding to invest. Alternatively, the client must have full Financial Advice under an Advisory Service, or where deVere Investment can manage their Portfolio on their behalf, under a Discretionary Management Service.

4.Will I be notified when a note matures?

You will receive notifications by email.

Buy and Sell

1.How do I buy funds?

To buy funds, money first needs to be transferred from your personal bank account into in your dip account by a bank transfer. To access bank details, go on cash tab under holdings and select cash deposit, here you will see the IBAN number that shall be used when making a transfer. Once you make a transfer select the preferred fund, input the amount and proceed.

2.How do I sell funds?

Select sell from main menu and once you choose the fund/note/ETF proceed to sell.

3.How will I know whether the purchase or sell has been processed?

You will be immediately notified by email when the actions go through.

4.What is the minimum investment amount?

Minimum investment amount is £1000K

Fees and Charges

1.What fees apply on the DIP?

0.2% per trade notional value

2.Are there any annual charges?

No Annual Charges


Discretionary Management Service

1.What is Discretionary Management?

Discretionary Investment Management is a form of investment management in which buy and sell decisions are made by a portfolio manager on behalf of the client's portfolio, by deVere Investment.

2.How do I apply for DM?

After selecting the type of investment that best suits your financial strategy, your risk rating will be assessed with your financial consultant. You will then need to fill an Investment Adviser Appointment form and choose between providing instructions only with your consent or allowing all investment decisions to be done without consultation under Discretionary Authority.

3.What are my strategy options?

Our in-house investment managers have expertly created 4 investment strategies as well as 4 risk rated Model Portfolio strategies that can be combined with the 2nd and 3RD discretionary model.

4.What is the charge?

The charge is 1% per annum of the assets under administration as a management fee.

5.Which institutions accept DM?

Old Mutual International, Royal London 360, Providence Life, Generali International and Friends Provident International.

6.Which are the levels or risk?

The deVere Model Portfolio Service uses an innovative and modern approach to create 4 different risk targeted model portfolios with the aim of maximising potential returns while remaining faithful to each individual client’s attitude to risk.