About Us

As a technologically innovative company, deVere Investment Ltd prides itself in offering you an unparalleled results-driven service.

Our Purpose

Our focus is that of presenting a range of services including:

  • asset management 
  • investment banking services
  • investment advisory
  • foreign exchange
  • the distribution of financial products

Technology has become a vital part of everyday life. Our aim is to solidify our position in the fintech industry by providing the latest advances and best possible products and services whatever your nationality and wherever your location. 

Whether an expatriate or a domestic investor, deVere Investment intends to support your needs by providing financial solutions based upon your original nationality, current location and future intended retirement location.

Our Background

deVere Investment Ltd is a Mauritius based investment banking service that forms part of the deVere group. In 2016 deVere investment advisory received its investment banking licence. It has since been providing professional tailor-made services to its clients which include; investment advisory services including wealth management advice, deVere Forex services, deVere Investment Platform (dIP App), Asset management, distribution of financial products.

deVere was established in 2002 by the CEO, Mr. Nigel Green. As more and more people focused on opportunities abroad, Mr. Green saw a niche in the financial services market for them. Today the Group has a widespread business supporting expatriates around the world, with global coverage provided through local registered offices which are regulated to carry out financial advisory services. 

deVere Group supports those needs across the globe by supplying solutions to the issues around maximising investment returns in a tax efficient manner, as well as analysing pension funds for clients who have left their original country of origin and need to accumulate wealth.

deVere has now developed to become one of the world's leading independent international financial consultancies. With well over 80,000 clients in more than 100 different countries - and in excess of $10 billion under advice and administration - deVere Group aims to maintain its place at the forefront of the industry.