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Citizenship & Residency

Many of our global expat clients who travel frequently are looking for citizenship or residency in an EU or Caribbean country that would allow them visa-free travel to conduct business in the EU schengen area and other global areas such as Hong Kong.

deVere Investment offers assistance with citizenship and residency programmes in certain countries within Europe and the Caribbean. The process offers residency or citizenship through investment, property purchase or donation. We assist in making the administrative intensive application process simpler and easier, so you can focus on getting settled in your new resident country.

Residency is the ability to live, work and conduct business in another country.
Citizenship is changing your nationality and getting full passporting rights to another country and allows you eg. to represent them at the Olympics.

Benefits of the programme:

  • Freedom of travel – A stronger passport allows for travel and business opportunities in 167 countries worldwide.

  • Opportunities to live, work and open a business in EU – You can expand your business globally into the strong economic areas.

  • The programme allows for your children to have an education in your new resident country – allows for world-class, high-quality education and many more opportunities.

  • Tax benefits – Being a resident of your new country could have tax benefits for the global taxation of your assets.

  • Retirement and Healthcare – The programme gives you access to better quality and depending on the country you get citizenship in, free healthcare.

  • Security – Live in countries that have stable, sanction free economies and governments. No political unrest and safety concerns.

If you need more information about the various countries for which deVere offers citizenship and residency services, or about the application process and requirements, then please mail [email protected] or click here to send an enquiry.