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Devere Investment Platform

1. What is deVere Investment Platform App? 

Devere Invesment Platform App is an execution-only investment app that allows client to purchase ETFs, mutual funds and structured notes wherever your location.

2. How do I register on the DIP app?

First, download the app on your phone by searching for ‘deVere Investment’ on either the App Store or the Google Play Store. Once it is downloaded, the instructions for registration will be shown on the screen.

3. What documentation is required to register on the DIP app?

•    A selfie
The selfie must be a current picture of yourself and includes your full face and shoulders with no hats, sunglasses or other obstructions.

•    Proof of identity
The identification document must be pre-signed and must be in an original form and should bear a photograph of the principal. It must be clear and include your full name, date of birth, nationality, validity period, ID number and signature. A live image of your original passport taken on the app is acceptable. In some instances, a live image of an original driving licence or government issued identity cards are acceptable. 

•    Proof of address
The proof of address must be the live image of a full-page original utility bill, dated within the last six (6) months, from an official service provider or an original bank statement or original tenancy contract. The proof of address should include your current residential address and should be in either English or French language. 

PO Box addresses are not acceptable. 

4. How will I know that my registration has been approved?

Once you have submitted all the three documentations stated above, you will receive an automated e-mail informing you that your registration has been approved.

5. Can I open a joint account on the DIP app?

Yes, you can. You will have to upload the above documentation for the other party as well. In addition, you will have to provide us with a letter authorising us to add the person to your account.

6. Who do I need to contact for any queries?

Upon approval of your application, you will be allocated a Consultant whom you can contact in case of any queries. You can also contact us on [email protected] 

7. When will I be able to start trading?

Once your registration has been approved, you will have to fill in and sign your FATCA/CRS and SOFQ forms and send same to [email protected] . The forms can be found on https://www.devere-investment.com/ in the downloads section. Once the two documents have been sent to us, your account will be set as tradable subject to compliance vetting and approval.

8. Do I need to submit any additional information?

We may ask you for additional information or evidence to verify your details, source of funds or transaction details. At any time during the term of our relationship, your consultant or our csv team may contact you to confirm your details. 

9. How do I fund my account?

We have three (3) foreign currency bank accounts denominated in US dollars, GB pound and Euro and CH Franc. Depending on the currency of your transaction, you can transfer the funds to the designated bank account details appearing on your app.

10. Are there any fees involved?

A trade fee of 0.2% per trade notional value is applicable. There is no registration fee nor annual fee. 

11. How will I know the benefits/charges/prices/conditions applicable to my trade instruction?

You must read through all the term sheets whereby you will find all the details accordingly.

12. When do I need to send my trade instructions?

You need to ensure your account is sufficiently funded with your trade value and trade fee before sending a trade instruction on the DIP App. 
It is recommended that you send us your trade instructions for Structured Notes at least two (2) business days before the Strike Date.

13. What are the steps to secure a trade in a different currency compared to my deposited funds?

We will conduct a forex transaction at the rate provided by our bank. Any converted amount appearing on the app is at an indicative forex rate. You will bear any currency gain or loss on the forex transaction. There will be no forex fee charged. 

14. How do I withdraw my funds?

For any request to withdraw, you must send a written instruction to [email protected]
You need to provide your full banking details, and also a copy of the original proof of transfer that was made to deVere’s bank account. The funds will have to be returned to the original bank account. 

15. Are there charges applicable for withdrawal of funds?

Currently, deVere does not charge its clients any fees for withdrawal. All the withdrawal bank charges applicable will be at your expense.


Discretionary Management Service

1.What is Discretionary Management?

Discretionary Investment Management is a form of investment management in which buy and sell decisions are made by a portfolio manager on behalf of the client's portfolio, by deVere Investment.

2.How do I apply for DM?

After selecting the type of investment that best suits your financial strategy, your risk rating will be assessed with your financial consultant. You will then need to fill an Investment Adviser Appointment form and choose between providing instructions only with your consent or allowing all investment decisions to be done without consultation under Discretionary Authority.

3.What are my strategy options?

Our in-house investment managers have expertly created 4 investment strategies as well as 4 risk rated Model Portfolio strategies that can be combined with the 2nd and 3RD discretionary model.

4.What is the charge?

The charge is 1% per annum of the assets under administration as a management fee.

5.Which institutions accept DM?

Old Mutual International, Royal London 360, Providence Life, Generali International and Friends Provident International.

6.Which are the levels or risk?

The deVere Model Portfolio Service uses an innovative and modern approach to create 4 different risk targeted model portfolios with the aim of maximising potential returns while remaining faithful to each individual client’s attitude to risk.